Hind Commander reinforcements!

So silent before the storm… I work really hard to finish Shadows in the Void ruleset and prepare the first wave of minis, but I have found some time to focus on Hind Commander. I added few more cool 1/600 Oddział Ósmy miniature sets which are attractive both for new and veteran players, with focus on French-produced vehicles. The new sets are as follows: HCC9 French Helicopter pack 1 (Tigre, Gazelle, Puma) HCC7B Soviet Russian Strike Pack 1  (updated: 4xMi-24P, 4xMi-28, 4xKa-50) HCU14 French Armour pack 1 (5xLeclerc MBTs, 5xAXM-30 MBTs, 5xVBCI) HCU15 French GroundContinue reading

Terrans are coming!

Below I show some detailed photos of incoming Terran Posthuman Empire for Shadows in the Void. Please note the detail level: bases are 20mm*20mm! TPE is planned to be released as 3rd fleet for the game.

Duel among the Stars

It’s high time to reveal the second project I’m working on. The development started about 3 years ago, but because of game uncommon nature the ruleset progress isn’t rapid. Duel among the Stars is unique, captain level spaceship combat wargame. Yes, it’s captain level, which means that every player commands a single vessel! We put much effort to do not make next “Greek galleys on park pond” spaceship wargame. No, it isn’t “cinematic”, which unfortunately usually means “put as much ships as possible and remove them as fast as possible”. InsteadContinue reading

Next SitV sneak peak!

Terran Posthuman Empire squadron incoming! It’s high time to erase everything which is imperfect! TPE spacecraft are planned to in second wave of Shadows in the Void models!

National Independence Day sale!

To celebrate Polish National Independence Day (11th November) we are making the sale! From today to Sunday (13.XI.2016) use code LEGIONS at checkout  in Assault Publishing store to get 15% of discount for all articles!

PMC 2640 blog

I’m very happy to inform, that Gabriel and Joel from Sweden started PMC 2640 dedicated blog! Great job and nice battle reports, Gentlemen! You can read the blog and track campaign progress at: http://playing-pmc2640.blogspot.se/

PMC 2640 review

Yesterday I found some archive text in Internet and I updated the Reviews list of PMC 2640. In short: if you missed “Miniature Wargames with Battlegames” issue 364 from 2013 you can find the same review at legendary Meeples & Miniatures blog.

Free delivery above 100EUR!

From today all orders from Assault Publishing store above 100EUR are shipped for free (above 50EUR is shipped to Poland). In addition the orders from Poland can be also paid by bank transfer in PLN. But it’s not everything! Thanks to lower production costs we do not charge extra for shipping laser-cut articles anymore. Save your money, spend more on the hobby!

Heroic Ballads 1.1

We have just updated Heroic Ballads dungeon-crawler ruleset to version 1.1. The changes in rules are minimal and improve the order of activation, but the bestiary has all Initiative values revisited. Now the Initiative value is spread in higher level between the races, which results in more dynamic turn sequence with both players involved all time. But it’s not everything! Heroic Ballads comes from Poland, so there is the Polish accent! Ignacy Kurowski (AP proof-reader and translator) prepared the rules of witcher!  Nowadays this monster-killing specialist is commonly well know worldwide,Continue reading