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New transparent miniature bases

Today we added the new laser-cut, transparent aircraft/spacecraft bases for small scale wargames (such like Hind Commander) to Assault Publishing on-line store. The bases have dimensions of 20mm*20mm, come with the tiny central hole (perfect for pin or tight wire and can be enlarged with small drill). They have also engraved 90 degree fire/visibility arcs. The based are packed in bags of 12 pcs. and the bag costs 2,5 EUR. Also some other old type Assault Publishing textured miniature bases returned to the offer.

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PMC 2640

PMC 2640 errata and rules update

Today we added the rules errata and update to PMC 2640. This short document includes just a few gentle modifications of the core rules and scenarios which should clarify most common questions and balancing changes in the campaign system, which made running campaign even more fun and challenging. You can download it in Free Downloads section.

Laser-cut, On-line store

EDCV labs set is back in the offer!

EDCV set is the special, laser-cut starter with allows you to build your underground base (suitable for scales from 15mm to 28mm) for 108 EUR (save 10%) and is excellent for most of SF and pulp wargames. Whatever you are fierce Xenos hunter or Evil Genius it’s really hard to find something more suitable! Together with this set you will get a free “EDCV labs” HDF sprue, which can substitute a few default walls to make the laboratories even more stylish! You can get this set exclusively from Assault Publishing on-line store.


Confederated Wargame Creators of Poland

I’m very happy to inform that Assault Publishing is funding member of Confederated Wargame Creators of Poland! Confederation is a group of Polish ruleset designers and its main goal is mutual support in Internet marketing, game development and common representation on the wargaming events. Confederacy is not limited to wargaming companies, but also independent authors whatever they act commercially or not. The founding members of Confederacy are: [crp_portfolio id=1] Web page: http://wargamingconfederacy.org/ Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/wargamingconfederacy/