Heroic Ballads released!

Heroic Ballads

Heroic Ballads is a narrative tabletop miniature game set in a generic fantasy setting. It focuses on scenarios played using unequal forces, with one player leading a group of Heroes and the second commanding hordes of evil creatures as the Master of the Dungeon.


The main inspiration were role-playing games of the 1980s, which is why the ruleset may be used for any classical fantasy setting/universe. Thanks for the simple and intuitive rules, flexibility and open structure Heroic Ballads is perfect beer&pretzler, club or demo/participation game.


Honorable payment

This game, a side project made with the help of a few volunteers, is and will always be available for free. If you enjoy playing it, please make a donation to either Richard Holden’s Wargames and Walking (http://wargamesandwalking.blogspot.com/) or Polish Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (http://www.wosp.org.pl/).

There are no time to waste: adventure awaits! Download the game by clicking the link below and start building your ballad!

Download Heroic Ballads

March action prolonged to 7th April 2015!

First time in history, because of traffic generated by promo action and introduction of laser cut system, our monthly bandwidth was exceeded and Assault Publishing page was down for last days of March.


I decided to prolong the March 2015 promo action to 7th April 2015 to get the chance of buying the starter set for all people who haven’t done it yet. Sorry for inconvenience!

Laser-cut March 2015 special deal!

After many inquires we decided to introduce special starter set with our new laser-cut articles. ‘EDCV Labs’ special deal is very good beginning of you adventure with Assault Publishing modular system terrain!

The starter consists of the following elements:

1. 3 x 6″ corridor [LCHT-02]
2. 2 x L-section [LCHT-04]
3. 1 x short X-section [LCHT-06]
4. 1 x short T-section [LCHT-10]
5. 2 x room w/2 entries (adjacent) [LCHT-11 – note photo shows version with 4 entries]
6. 16 x blast door (6*type 4, 4*type 5, 6*type 6) [LCXD-04, LCXD-05, LCXD-06]
7. bonus “EDCV Labs” wall layers – limited only to this set!

Update: This is limited offer valid untill 7.IV.2015. You can buy EDCV Labs set in Assault Publishing store in special price of 99 EUR (these elements normally cost 120 EUR if bought separately!).

Assault Publishing laser-cut modular system

After almost a year of development, the Assault Publishing SF modular base system is ready. We spent a lot of time to perfect all its details. The long work resulted in a fine, mature product, which is at the same time playable, cool-looking and affordable.


Modular and stable

Our laser cut bases are very flexible: all modules fit each other thanks to our Plug’n’Slay system based on blast doors. Blast doors act as the connectors which link the modules – you just need to plug the modules into the doors! Apart from the simplicity, this solution makes the entire construction very stable and prevents any accidents that might damage miniatures inside the base. The carefully calculated dimensions allow you to make huge constructions covering the entire table, which can be freely rearranged! And that’s not all – you can add a second floor to your base, considerably increasing your gaming space and looking even cooler!


After finishing the game, you can stack you corridors and put them in a box to save space and transport them safely.

Extremely customizable

When ordering your base, you can select one of the 3 main styles: Aliens-inspired mid-tech, simple and ascetically elegant hi-tech, and dark, ornate neo-gothic. For all styles you can pick whichever internal supports and blast door pattern you like. Of course, all styles are compatible with each other, allowing you to make your base even more interesting (e.g. by mixing stockpile rooms in mid-tech style, laboratories in hi-tech, and a chapel in neo-gothic). In some cases, you can even swap parts between the modules.


Scale- and game- independent

Although at the beginning our modular bases were intended for 15/20mm scale, we quickly realised that they make perfect claustrophobic corridors for 28/32mm skirmishes (the internal dimensions of the corridor are ~ 40 x 40 mm). Whether you wish to capture an underground asteroid factory in an epic, bloody assault, infiltrate the laboratory of an evil mastermind, or hunt an alien creature in narrow corridors, the modular system will be the best solution for you!
Additionally, as wargamers and modellers, we made sure that our laser-cut bases are very easy to assemble and paint using simple methods such sprays, air-brushes, or washes.



At the moment, we have 11 main modules in 3 styles, as well as 10 types of blast doors and auxiliary articles such as supports. However, we designed our system to be as expansible as possible, so you can expect new modules and upgrade packs to enlarge your collection, make your base even more impressive, and allow you to play cooler games! You can always order them later and add to the existing complex.


How to order?

Our laser cut modular bases can be ordered through the Assault Publishing on-line store, and we will prepare them just the way you want them. Please note that the time of preparation is up to 30 days.