Assault Publishing store update

In the first day of the New Year I would like to re-open Assault Publishing store!

AP store

There are a few, but important changes:

  • now all prices and payments are in Euro instead of PLN;
  • Terms and conditions were updated to fulfill new customer law;
  • all orders from Poland will be processed only by friendly JAMA store (AP store does not accept shipment to Poland anymore);
  • there are some technical changes in the backstage.

Visit Assault Publishing store at the following link:

Update: there were problems with visiting the store with some browsers. Now it’s fixed and the store should work fine! Sorry for inconvenience!

Gift miniature!

I’m very happy to offer you a limited 15mm s-f VIP mini based on one of the illustrations from the PMC 2640 rulebook as a gift! The VIP was sculpted by Marcin Tomaszek, who is also the author of all APDS models. He cooperates with Oddział Ósmy (some of their 15mm SF sets are his creations) and many other companies.


“Protect the VIP’ illustration from PMC 2640 rulebook

15mm VIP

Green of 15mm SF VIP miniature (final version is cast in metal)

Although this miniature was meant to be released on the 3rd anniversary of Assault Publishing, there were some unexpected delays, and so I decided to add it as a gift for AP customers. There are 3 ways of getting the VIP mini:

  1. Purchase15mm models worth 50 EUR or more at Assault Publishing store;
  2. Purchase a printed copy of the PMC 2640 rulebook at Assault Publishing store;
  3. Purchase both the SF Engineers and SF Observers set from APDS SF range at Assault Publishing store.

This will last till the end of February 2015. After this date you will be able to order the special VIP mini, but only if any remain in stock – no second production batch is planned.