Luftwaffe 2
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Sturmovik Commander miniature sets

Today we add new assortment to Assault Publishing on-line store. We decided to make repacked WW2-period aircraft in 3mm (1/600) manufactured by Oddział Ośmy dedicated to our Sturmovik Commander ruleset. These sets are prepared in short series to allow bigger variety and possibility of adding more repacks quickly. The aircraft sets consist of from 8 to 12 models. At the beginning we start with classical Battle of Britain/early war sets both for RAF and Luftwaffe. Also we can recommend new transparent bases, which have shape ideal for Sturmovik Commander and small 20mm roundContinue reading

Polish CW Infantry - AT-3 Sagger
On-line store

New articles from O8 on stock!

Today two new articles from Oddział Ósmy (PSF-632 Pilum GEV MLRS in 1/600 scale and CW-1505 Polish AT-Sagger teams in 15mm) arrived to Assault Publishing on-line store and miniatures from Modern/Cold War range were re-stocked. Also we prepare some new sets in 1/600 scale and they should be in AP store within a couple of days. so stay tuned!

AWACS, Hind Commander, Laser-cut, On-line store, Shadows in the Void

New transparent miniature bases

Today we added the new laser-cut, transparent aircraft/spacecraft bases for small scale wargames (such like Hind Commander) to Assault Publishing on-line store. The bases have dimensions of 20mm*20mm, come with the tiny central hole (perfect for pin or tight wire and can be enlarged with small drill). They have also engraved 90 degree fire/visibility arcs. The based are packed in bags of 12 pcs. and the bag costs 2,5 EUR. Also some other old type Assault Publishing textured miniature bases returned to the offer.

PMC 2640
PMC 2640

PMC 2640 errata and rules update

Today we added the rules errata and update to PMC 2640. This short document includes just a few gentle modifications of the core rules and scenarios which should clarify most common questions and balancing changes in the campaign system, which made running campaign even more fun and challenging. You can download it in Free Downloads section.