Reporting for duty!

Holidays are over! Assault Publishing store works normally again and all orders will be shipped as soon as possible.

SF VIP miniature painted by Piotr Zabrotowicz

Also I would like to remind you about final week of Summer SF Madness action which allows you to buy all SF minis with 25% discount!

Summer SF madness!

We have the special promotion in this summer! Type ALIEN code to get 25% of discount at order checkout on all SF miniatures (both 15mm and 3mm) and all modular SF bases in Assault Publishing on-line store! The promotion is valid from 01.07.2015 to 31.08.2015 or until the stocks last (better hurry, stocks of some articles are quite low!).

It’s not everything! In this period for every printed PMC 2640 rulebook you will get either SF Combat Engineers or SF Observers (also until the minis are out of stock this minis: in such case we will propose other 15mm miniatures) for free. Alternatively you can donate this minis to charity (we will send them to Wargames and Walking at the end of the action).

‘Heroic Battles’

Two day ago, at ‘Poligon’ convention in Cracov, I revealed the next project I working on. ‘Heroic Battles’ is “larger” skirmish-scale fantasy wargame, which is based on highly modified (successful) ‘Heroic Ballads’ ruleset. The game will be compatible with any fantasy miniatures in scales from 15mm to 32mm.

Heroic Battles logo

Comparing to its ancestor, the rules are planned to be as competitive and balanced as possible, so we are recruiting the volunteers for the playtests. If you are interested in taking parts in the closed tests of the project, please mail to

The photos were made during the participation game by Ignacy Kurowski. The miniatures comes from Splintered Light Miniatures 15mm fantasy range.


Assault Publishing discussion group

I seems I have the bad, bad luck with forum or php scripts don’t like me at all. Second time I crashed the database beyond recovery (no, I haven’t backup it properly before)…

To avoid such situations in the future I moved Assault Publishing forum to Facebook where I started discussion group:

Sorry for inconvenience and I hope you will like new version of the forum.




Assault Publishing goes to Poligon!

Assault Publishing goes to Poligon convention in Cracov to reveal there the newest project (and maybe with a little surprise!) but without trading stand. I’m going to meet cool people, play wargames and share the experiences :)

We meet again in the Aviation Museum in Cracov (13-14.06 2015).