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06Feb 19

Shadows in the Void miniature range for sale

As you probably know I went out of market at the beginning of previous year (mostly because of personal reasons) and I left with some stocks and cool projects. One of these projects is Shadows in he Void space-fighter miniature range in 3mm(1/600) scale, designed as both as compatible and complementary with other ranges on the market. As I put a lot of time, skills and heart to designing it I would like if someone continue it to do not waste my effort.

Jacinta Mk IV fighters

All minis from the range can be see here:
I would like to sell all my SitV miniature stocks and copyrights to good manufacturer or trader who is would like to continue it. I’m also interested in further cooperation in developing and updating it in the future.
If you are interested please contact me at or at given and for sure I can make a fair offer for you.
With best regards,
Marcin K. Gerkowicz
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18Jan 19

Blog [CS] – Of Playtesting

Apologies for missing last week, and for the late arrival of this weeks blog article. Beginning of the year has been super busy and not only left me little time…

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