Hind Commander miniatures promo action!

From today till 31 May 2014 to all Hind Commander rulebooks purchased in the Assault Publishing on-line store we are going to add a one-use code which will allow you to order all Hind Commander sets with a 20% discount!

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If you purchased the rulebook earlier (either from the AP store or a retailer), do not worry: contact Assault Publishing by e-mail, send your purchase confirmation/receipt, and you will receive your personal code.

Naps and ACW on the sale!

Assault Publishing runs the sale on 1/600 scale (3mm) models from ACW and Napoleonic ranges from O8. You can purchase these fine miniatures in really great price of 11,50 PLN (~3,7 USD or ~2,3 GBP) per pack!

Also The Assault Publishing store was rearranged a little. Now it is easier to find the rulesets or miniatures you wish to buy and the “Discounted articles!” section was added.

Visit Assault Publishing on-line store, see the changes and make the shopping!

PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna

Today I am pleased to release a very important pdf: PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna, a free demo version of the PMC 2640 wargame! However, it is not only a demo, but additionally a mini-expansion, which features several new, cool rules for those of you who have already purchased the book.


“Hell on Echidna” is not the typical bunch of few random pages. It contains all the basic things you need to play: core rules (identical to those found in the rulebook), a shortened terrain list, a special, new terrain generator for post-apocalyptic planets, rules for composing an army with basic equipment, a wholly new scenario (not featured in the main rulebook) and a list of several units (including two new ones!) and all their special rules. Additionally, I have included a new Battle Honour, which may be given to your troops if you decide to play your campaign battles on Echidna or a similar devastated planet.

To summarize, “Hell on Echidna” gives you everything you need to get to know the game’s mechanics, theme, and design philosophy, and of course spend a great time playing it! But remember that it’s just a small part of what you can find in the full version!

Click here to download “PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna” for free!