APDS range launched!

Today I have the honour of launching Assault Publishing Delightful Selection (APDS) 15 mm miniature range. It is planned to be small, premium line of models which are designed for PMC 2640 wargame. The line starts from two sets: SF Combat Engineers and SF Observers.

The first set is ready-to-field unit for PMC 2640 which consists of 6 unique sculps: Sarge with flamethrower, two soldiers with energy weapons, one with grenade launcher, one with bolt-cutter and one charging with pistol and e-tool.

SF Combat Engineers

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The second one is Observers set consists of six miniatures in total in 3 patterns: observer in Ghillie suit, drone controller with recon drone and cityfight-style observer. They can be used as part of your command or recon units. But it isn’t all! These Observers were designed to form perfect teams with snipers from O8 – every sniper has the observer in the same style (O8 snipers SF-1516 set is also in Assault Publishing offer).

SF Observers

Please note that Observers picture shows the greens and will be replaced soon.

Both sets can be purchased in Assault Publishing On-line Store only.


I’ve just put on Assault Publishing web page the short notes about our 15mm SF ranges (APDS/APCR/HEAT). You can find them in the menu at the left or by clicking the logos below.


Sci-Fi Combat Engineers – squad completed!

Below you can see the pictures of completed 6-man-strong Sci-Fi Combat Engineers (15mm) squad.

Engineers with granade launcher, energy weapon and old-school bolt cutter.

Engineers with granade launcher, energy weapon and old-school bolt cutter.

Combat engineers

Engineer with energy weapons, sarge with flamethrower and engineer in close combat.

This set should hit the market soon, but exact date is unknown. Stay tuned!