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Second Assault Publishing Friday offer

Today we start second Friday offer! This time you can get 10% discount on all 3mm (1/600) miniatures from both Hind Commander and 3mm SF ranges by using MICROSCOPE code at check-out in Assault Publishing web store! The code is valid at untill next Thursday (18.II.2016) or untill the stocks run out.


EDCV labs set is back in the offer!

EDCV set is the special, laser-cut starter with allows you to build your underground base (suitable for scales from 15mm to 28mm) for 108 EUR (save 10%) and is excellent for most of SF and pulp wargames. Whatever you are fierce Xenos hunter or Evil Genius it’s really hard to find something more suitable! Together with this set you will get a free “EDCV labs” HDF sprue, which can substitute a few default walls to make the laboratories even more stylish! You can get this set exclusively from Assault Publishing on-line store.


Confederated Wargame Creators of Poland

I’m very happy to inform that Assault Publishing is funding member of Confederated Wargame Creators of Poland! Confederation is a group of Polish ruleset designers and its main goal is mutual support in Internet marketing, game development and common representation on the wargaming events. Confederacy is not limited to wargaming companies, but also independent authors whatever they act commercially or not. The founding members of Confederacy are: [crp_portfolio id=1] Web page: http://wargamingconfederacy.org/ Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/wargamingconfederacy/


Laser-cut second-level propotype

Below you can see the prototype of higher-level room for our modular laser-cut base system. This room is designed to be put on the standard 9″x9″ room and adds even greater possibilities of arranging laser-cut bases. More details and information about laser-cuts soon!


Blast-Tastic 2015!

Assault Publishing goes to Blast-Tastic 2015! During this event I’m going to make the first official preview and participation games of “Duel among the Stars” spaceship combat ruleset. More about this project will be revealed within incoming weeks. See you in Bristol, UK!