New stuff from O8!

Today the new articles arrived from Oddział Ósmy arrived to Assault Publishing. This time we got new releases from 15mm and 3mm SF ranges. Also 15mm modern range was re-stocked.

Crazy ‘Troubles in New Vatican’ set

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You can get them (and many other cool minis and AP rulesets) from Assault Publishing web store.

Assault Publishing store update

In the first day of the New Year I would like to re-open Assault Publishing store!

AP store

There are a few, but important changes:

  • now all prices and payments are in Euro instead of PLN;
  • Terms and conditions were updated to fulfill new customer law;
  • all orders from Poland will be processed only by friendly JAMA store (AP store does not accept shipment to Poland anymore);
  • there are some technical changes in the backstage.

Visit Assault Publishing store at the following link:

Update: there were problems with visiting the store with some browsers. Now it’s fixed and the store should work fine! Sorry for inconvenience!