Modular bases preview

If you check our FB page probably you know about our latest project… Assault Publishing in a few weeks will release new SF modular base system designed for 15/20mm scale gaming. The system will be fully modular, expandable and will allow to build the bases on two levels.

The test of the whole system

It is designed as fully customizable by customer: at the beginning you will be able to select 3 different wall styles (simple, technical and neo-gothic), 3 internal supports and 3 bulkheads and next patterns are planned to be designed in the future. The parts are exchangeable with each other so it is possible to mix the different walls/supports/bulkheads even within one module.


X-section in ‘simple’ style The internal walls are planned to be changed a little. The plexi-made ‘lamps’ are planned to be the option.


9″ corridor in “neo-gothic” style


L-section in ‘technical’ style


9″ ‘neo-gothic’ corridor

Please note that the photos shows the prototypes and final modules may look a little different.

Check Assault Publishing facebook page often to stay tuned!

3mm SF range in the offer

Today Assault Publishing online store offer was enriched with new, fine 3mm SF range.

These top-nod minis are very useful either for PMC 2640 (using multi-figure bases optional rule from the end of the rulebook) or other SF wargames.

Not going to Blast-Tastic action!

Unfortunately this year Assault Publishing is not going to Blast-Tastic in Bristol, UK, but at least we may make a special action! From today until Monday you can purchase PMC 2640 printed rulebook in the price of pdf! Everything you have to do it to use BLAST-TASTIC  discount code at checkout in Assault Publishing online store and you will get 33 PLN discount on the rulebook!

Enjoy and have fun on con, Lads!

Celebrating continues!

The celebrating of 3rd birthday of Assault Publishing continues! This time you can get the special 15% discount on nearly all Sci-Fi wargame articles in Assault Publishing store: PMC 2640 printed rulebooks (but not e-books) and Assault Publishing 15mm miniatures (APDS), O8 miniatures, APCR re-packs (O8, Rebel Minis, Antenocitis Workshop, Brigade Models, even remaining Cannon Fodder starters) and all 15mm HEAT terrain range!

Simply use BACK TO THE FUTURE code at checkout to get the special discount!

The action is valid untill 30.IX,2014 or untill stocks lasts!