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12.X.2013 – Hind Commander Quick Review on NanoTanks blog

27.VIII.2012 – review on “Defence News” web page

25.VI.2012 – review on “Delta Vector” blog

06.I.2012 – review of Hind Commander on “Meeples & Miniatures”

Miniature Wargames 344 (November 2011)

22.XI.2011 – miniature review on “Miniature Musings of a Bear”

22.XI.2011 – “Hind Commander has landed in Vienna” on BGG

12.XI.2011 – review on “Pousse Plomb” blog (French/English)

08.X.2011 – review on “Miniature Musings of a Bear” blog

01.X.2011 – review on “The Node” portal (in Polish)

22.IX.2011- review on “Wargaming and walking” blog

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