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Assault Publishing Studio was created by Marcin Gerkowicz, from the ashes of Assault Publishing, when Marcin decided to go out from the market in 2018. Studio is the band of independent, enthusiastic game designers and its main goal is to make miniature wargame rulesets for free or as low-cost pdfs. The main idea is to create creative environment, which allows its members to support each other and deal with such things like running webpage, make shared marketing and assist in similar simple things.

Because of its nature Assault Publishing Studio is financed by patronate and all collected cash is used for running website and pay for such services like illustrations, proof-reading and similar required for releasing rules. Our Pathrons has some privileges, such like access to beta-versions or possibility to place logo on our webpage.

Become patron of Assault Publishing studio, starting from one dollar!



tel. +48 606 254334 (in afternoon, please)


Legal note: Assault Publishing as company was closed 31.05.2018. Assault Publishing Studio is not a formal organisation and it is connected with Assault Publishing only with the person of the founder – Marcin Gerkowicz – who also owns all copyrights of former Assault Publishing games.



Marcin K. Gerkowicz

manager in real job, miniature wargame designer in spare time. Husband and father of two great daughters. The most lazy workaholic or the most hard-working idler on this solar system. His uneasy character does not allow to stay him steady and just rest which result taking too much tasks – or inventing such ones.

Marcin started his adventure with wargames in 1999 from Warhammer Fantasy Battle, followed by Warmaster, Battlefleet Gothic and Warhammer 40k, Blitzkrieg Commander and a few other games. He was always fascinated with rules design process.

His first first released ruleset was Sturmovik Commander, which was developed in years 2008-2011.

Marcin started Assault Publishing as business in 2011 with release of Hind Commander, which was followed by AWACS: Gulf War (2012) and PMC 2640 (2013). In 2015 Heroic Ballads dungeon crawler was released as free pdf. The last commercially released Assault Publishing ruleset is Shadows in the Void – challenging spacefighter wargame, with dedicated miniature line designed also by Marcin.

In May 2018 Assault Publishing was closed and Marcin decided to continue his designer activity in noncommercial way, which resulted in creating Assault Publishing Studio.

What’s more? The future will show!


Iain “Cybershadow” Werry

Iain started wargaming in the 80’s with an introduction to 40K Rogue Trader, first edition Space Hulk and Adeptus Titanicus, swiftly followed by Space Marine. He has tried many different rules across all genres of game, from Vor to Hordes of the Things, Babylon 5 Wars to Harpoon, Mein Panzer to Battlestorm, Defience Vital Ground to CAV. Somewhere along this road, he developed an unhealthy enthusiasm for Games Workshops Epic and Battlefleet Gothic games. From this, he now runs one of the premier ‘army scale’ websites on the internet, was the founder of the Battlefleet Gothic fanzine ‘Warp Rift’ and has custody of the remains of the Specialist Games official forums. He is also an avid tinkerer of rules (who isn’t!) and has been involved with numerous titles such as Hind Commander, Shadows in the Void and Sturmovik Commander for Assault Publishing, and Hostile Stars for Dark Realm Miniatures, for which he has a developer entry on Boardgame Geek. He has also been involved in many aspects of the Epic Armageddon rules such as the Tau force list and various supplements, and Battlefleet Gothic fan supplements and additional rules, and contributed to the mythos and world building of Dark Realm Miniatures Seeds of War line and Assault Publishings Shadows in the Void background. At any given time he is working on at least three rules set, two and half of which will only ever be played within his own gaming sphere, and he has the distinction of being the only living fan of Games Workshops Advanced Space Crusade game, to the point where he even defended it in conversation against its creator, Jervis Johnson.


Maciej “Xardas” Drążkiewicz

Maciej is in the world of wargaming, from the age of 16 when he painted the first miniature and year later he started to play, especially systems related to World War Two. After many years, he left his beloved Second War for modern battlefield. When you once fired the PPK, you will never feel the same among the hedges of Normandy and fields of Kursk! He does not limit my hobby only to meeting friends and playing a game. Initially, Maciek tried to create a historical games circle in his home town, where he organized demo-games and tournaments. After moving to Warsaw and getting to know local players, he started working in local initiatives. After many years, he is one of the two organizers of the Gladius convention, gathering fans of miniature battle games. He feels the need to create something “his” like every player.

From the earliest years, Maciej introduced the home rules to the systems in which he played. This path led him to develop the mechanics of a commercial system about the early years of the World War II.

Now when the modern times have entered area of his interests, Maciej tries to focus mainly on this period.


GM Boardgames

GM Boardgames

Miniatures, battles and history were such things that always fascinated us. Regardless theese were battles played without any rules, involving „small” and „big” soldiers, or playing professional fantasy battle systems – miniatures mania has always accompanied us. Combined with love for history, this led us to the idea of ​​creating a Napoleonic battle system, and when it was well received, we decided to publish a full-fledget textbook. As always, in such cases, when the experience is acquired, the work lasts four years. Their crowning was the release of the game „Gods of war – Napoleon”, which is still our apple in the eye – like every first child. After Napoleon came the time of the Gods of war – Robert E. Lee, which brought us into the American Civil War. Based on the experience gained with BW-N we improved the mechanics of the game and made the battles even more enjoyable. We have a whole bunch of ideas and we believe that with your help, we will succeed. GM Boardgames was created to realize the dreams of two brothers who believe that we should never forget our childhood dreams.

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