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Advanced Formations module and new counters for Stars and Steel!

Today we released very important module for Stars and SteelAdvanced Formations which increases the number of squadron formations from 3 to 12. AF module adds next level of tactical deepness to the game and should be tried by any player who mastered basic rules. As all modules in the game using it is optional, but I’m pretty sure that most of you will like it a lot!

Also we updated core rules to version 1.03. It’s minor update of the rules which streamlines the basic formations a little to make them fully compatibile with the mentioned module (replace only the page 7 – all changes are in the bottom paragraph). But with this version, as suggested in game review at Starships and Steel blog, we added new optional set of black and white counters based on patterns from great page. They are clear, fancy and make the game much easier to start playing. At this moment I made the variant of bigger counters intented to be used together which marker dice, but if there is the demand I will add variant with numeral and/or colours.

Advanced Formations module, core rules and the rest of cool Stars and Steel stuff can be downloaded for free from Wargame Vault.

We are awaiting your feedback and comments! Stay tuned, next S&S update is planned at 23 of September at my 40. birthday 🙂


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