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Miniature wargame publisher and founding member of Confederated Wargame Creators of Poland

Tally Ho!

Dear Wargamers,

After many months of preparations, rules-writing and investments, I can proudly present Assault Publishing – my small wargaming publishing business. For me, creating rulesets is rather part of the hobby, and not a thing to do for a living, so I can focus on unusual games.

My first publication is Hind Commander – the original ruleset which deals with a tough subject: helicopters over modern battlefields. When I decided to make a printed version, I knew that the task will be very difficult, as there are a few aspects, such as electronic warfare, fog of war or hidden objectives, which I had to include without making the game dull and crampy. After a long time of concept work, I managed to write a game which is incredibly rich on one side, but very compact and ascetically beautiful on the other. In the fine printed, 100-page-large book you will find the complete ruleset, which covers nearly all helicopter actions over a frontline (maybe with the exception of naval warfare) without bogging into the details. Also attached to the rulebook is a full set of counters and cards needed during the game.

In Hind Commander you can use any models you wish, but Assault Publishing has also in offer special 3mm model sets produced by Oddział Ósmy.

Of course more tasks are on the horizon, and I hope soon work on another ruleset will begin!

Marcin Gerkowicz, AP founder

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