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AWACS: Gulf War reinforcement pack!

As I was asked a few times if it possible to buy AWACS: Gulf War models separately, I decided to add the AWACS:GW Reinforcement pack set to Assault Publishing online store. In addition this set is in the great price of 16 EUR for 62 models!


A big set of 1/600 models (and only models) from AWACS: Gulf War wargame in excellent price! They can be used to play even bigger scenarios in “Arm Weapons and Climb Solo: Gulf War” and are also very useful in other games too!

The set consists of 62 finest 1/600 models made by Oddział Ósmy:

  • 4xF-15
  • 6xF-16
  • 4xA10
  • 2xF-117
  • 5xM1A1 Abrams
  • 6xMiG21
  • 4xMiG-29
  • 5xSa-8
  • 5xZSU-23
  • 10xT-72
  • 5xSCUD
  • 6xMirage F1

Please note that these are the same models as used in the complete AWACS: Gulf War game.

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