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AWACS:Gulf War in details

It’s about time to reveal some details about the contents of the incoming Arm Weapons And Climb Solo: Gulf War solitaire wargame!

Every boxed set consists of:

  • Rules brochure (rules+six scenarios)
  • “Army list” leaflet (full color, two sides)
  • Full color counter sets
  • Big set of color dices (5mm act as ammo markers) in 4 different colours and two sizes
  • 62 high-quality, laser cut bases
  • 62 the finest 1/600 models made by Oddzial Osmy:
    • 4xF-15
    • 6xF-16
    • 4xA10
    • 2xF-117 – the newest release!
    • 5xM1A1 Abrams
    • 6xMiG21
    • 4xMiG-29
    • 5xSa-8
    • 5xZSU-23
    • 10xT-72
    • 5xSCUD
    • and finally 6xMirage F1 – models which are not in regular offer, made for AWACS:GW!

The game’s premiere is on 2/4/2012!

Pre-orders are starting in the last week of March (there will be only 24 games for pre-sale and each one with a special gift included!). The retailers may order the Game now ( to have it in stock on April!

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