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Arm Weapons And Climb Solo: Gulf War

Today is a great day for me! “Arm Weapons and Climb Solo: Gulf War“, the second game by Assault Publishing, is officially released! It is a bit of an experimental project after a few attempts at making a primarily solitaire miniatures wargame. It is sold as a boxed set, with the game, models and many accessories – nearly everything needed to start playing. It is also the first wargame officially co-published by Oddział Ósmy (AWACS:GW comes under both AP and OO brands). You can purchase it at AP on-line store or ask one of the following retailers, who have it in their offers: Caliver Books (UK), Wargames Emporium (UK), Battlefield Berlin (DE), Masters of Military (DE) and Pico Armor (USA).

Please note that if you are a retailer from a country without a store cooperating with AP and you are interested in stocking its products, please contact me at

The wish is the father of the thought.”

The idea for this game was born a few month ago when after hard day at work I told myself that I would gladly move some minis on the table, but there is too late to meet some friends (especially if you have to go to work at 7:30 AM). As I love air wargames, I started to develop a game which would be simple, fast and relaxing enough to be a cool alternative for computer games.

So enjoy the game and wish me luck – if “Arm Weapons And Climb Solo: Gulf War” is successful, it will be the beginning of a whole AWACS series.

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