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Heroic Ballads 1.1

Heroic Ballads 1.1

We have just updated Heroic Ballads dungeon-crawler ruleset to version 1.1. The changes in rules are minimal and improve the order of activation, but the bestiary has all Initiative values revisited. Now the Initiative value is spread in higher level between the races, which results in more dynamic turn sequence with both players involved all time.

But it’s not everything! Heroic Ballads comes from Poland, so there is the Polish accent! Ignacy Kurowski (AP proof-reader and translator) prepared the rules of witcher!  Nowadays this monster-killing specialist is commonly well know worldwide, but I remember the times when The Witcher saved not the world but also my brain during especially boring lectures!

You can get Heroic Ballads from HERE for free and the only payment is honourable! Happy slaying!

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