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Mil Mi-26 and PZL SOKÓŁ

Today the rules for another two helicopters were added to the Hind Commander free downloads section. The first one is Mil Mi-26 - one of the biggest helicopters of the world and the largest one ever to have gone into…

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Miniature review

I've just found out on the web that on the Miniature Musings of the a Bear blog a review of our miniatures (from the Apocalypse battleset) was published a few days ago. I'm very happy that not only Hind Commander, but also…

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Today the rules of SEPECAT Jaguar were added to the Hind Commander free downloads section. This update is very important, because it's the first time the rules had been suggested by a player on Assault Publishing forum.   The idea…

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Update 03.10.2011

Today the new units to Hind Commander had been added - directly from the Soviet Union and Russia! The symbols of the Cold War - MiG-25 and MiG-31 interceptors are paired with one of the deadliest AA system in the world…

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