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Miniature wargame publisher and founding member of Confederated Wargame Creators of Poland

APDS range launched!

Today I have the honour of launching Assault Publishing Delightful Selection (APDS) 15 mm miniature range. It is planned to be small, premium line of models which are designed for PMC 2640 wargame. The line starts from two sets: SF Combat Engineers…

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PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna

Today I am pleased to release a very important pdf: PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna, a free demo version of the PMC 2640 wargame! However, it is not only a demo, but additionally a mini-expansion, which features several new, cool…

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New battle report published!

On Kealios' Wargaming Center blog new PMC 2640 battle report was published. It is fine written, with nice photos and interesting comments! Really great job! You can see and read it here:

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PMC 2640 review and battle report

Kealios published PMC 2640 review and Battle Report published. on his wargaming blog. You may read them by clicking the links below: Regards and thanks for cool articles! Marcin

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Today we have very special release - AP-Team set in 15mm made by Oddział Ósmy! This is a special set which is the tribute to the persons involved in making of "PMC 2640" ruleset. From left to right we have: Sgn. Pogodyn - heavy weapon specialist…

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PMC 2640 first reviews

I'm very happy to inform that first reviews of PMC2640 hit the web! Here you can find the links to them. I wish also inform that the work on the new miniature sets are running and you should expect some cool…

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