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SWARM 2640 & REVOLT 2640 – beta versions

SWARM 2640 & REVOLT 2640 – beta versions

Swarm 2640 and Revolt 2640 expansions for PMC 2640 development was started long time but limited time amount hasn’t allowed me to finish them. After many discussions with my friends I decided to release the test variants as open beta. The final versions are planned to be either free or low cost pdfs (depending on required investments).

SF-1510 Spaceworms II (15mm)

Swarm 2640 adds Space bugs army list. It is more advanced (e.g. in fluff) and additionally includes rules of fighting in underground complexes/space ships/mines/corridors and similar closed areas, which work perfectly with our Laser cut corridors. Bugs, as can be predicted, are assault-orientated, but I put much afford to construct the list and unit beyond typical RUSH FORWARD! army.

SF-1523 Insurgents - Leaders (15mm)

Revolt 2640 adds rebels army list. This allows you command bands of numerous, low-grade, but very determined and desperate troops – an interesting contrast to professional troops fielded by PMCs. VIVE LA REVOLUTION!

Both army lists are not completed – but without YOUR playtests and help we will not finish them! Any comments and feedback are very welcome! You can send them either by e-mail ( or by our Facebook discussion group.

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