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Donnager class not included

As announced a month ago, today (at my levelling day :)), we have nice Stars and Steel update!

First of all: core rules were updated to version 1.1. Based on the feedback, the damage system were simpliefied and streamlined, to fasten the game and make it a little more predictable. Because the change increases the small destroyer squadrons survibility, we boosted a little the cruisers and battleships. I also updated Defences and Auxiliaries module to fit version 1.1 of the rules well. In near future I do not plan important rules changes and we can consider version 1.1 as stable.

Second: we have released Black squadron, consisting of unique battlecruiser, cruisers and destroyers covered with special rules. It is the first of mercenary units and in the future I wish to add more.

Last, but not least – the new fleet! I put a lot of efford to make Martian Union patterns look unique. Martians have massive, evil looking cruisers and battleships armed with a few, but huge weapon systems and instead of destroyers, Martian fleet has a units of small gunboat-style spaceships. This creates impressing effect on the table – the huge capital ships surrounded by swarms of tiny spacecraft! And Donnager class not included…

Stars and Steel can be downloaded for free from Assault Publishing Studio Wargame Vault files repository.


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