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PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna is a demo version of PMC 2640 rulebook, which allows you to play a few battles and see if the game’s mechanics and style suit you before you decide to purchase the rulebook. Hell on Echidna contains the basic rules, guidelines on preparing the battle, statistics of a couple of units and a simple scenario. All these elements were chosen to present the game and introduce its style and theme.

EchidnaBut Hell on Echidna is not only a demo version – it’s also a mini expansion for those of you who purchased the PMC 2640 rulebook earlier! The scenario and terrain generator are brand new and can be used in normal games. Additionally, this small file contains two new units, which should be counted as ‘official’. And for all of you who play campaigns, there’s an additional Battle honour to further customise your PMC.

We hope you will enjoy the game with its simple, elegant rules, and that Hell on Echidna will be the first step in your adventure with the PMC 2640 ruleset.

Preview or download “PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna” now!

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