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Heroic Ballads

Heroic Ballads is a narrative tabletop miniature game set in a generic fantasy setting. It focuses on scenarios played using unequal forces, with one player leading a group of Heroes and the second commanding hordes of evil creatures as the Master of the Dungeon.


My main inspiration were role-playing games of the 1980s, which is why the ruleset may be used for any classical fantasy setting/universe. Thanks for the simple and intuitive rules, flexibility and open structure Heroic Ballads is perfect beer&pretzler, club or demo/participation game.


Honorable payment

This game, a side project made with the help of a few volunteers, is and will always be available for free. If you enjoy playing it, please make a donation to either Richard Holden’s Wargames and Walking ( or Polish Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (

There are no time to waste: adventure awaits! Download the game by clicking the link below and start building your ballad!

Download Heroic Ballads (English version 1.1)

Pobierz Ballady o Herosach (polska wersja 1.1)

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