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Tablewood Studios proudly presents: Hind Commander – Urban Creatures

After two years of continuous interruptions I finally completed Urban Creatures and have the honor to publish it as a downloadable rule package on the website of Assault Publishing. Urban Creatures is based on Hind Commander, but has its own character with its simpler monster related set of rules. The game can be played by 1 to 4 players in a cooperative or competitive way. One central part of the game is an urban game board by using commercial cityscape puzzles.
Urban Creatures is basically offered for free, but I would appreciate it, if you are willing to donate on a pay-what-you-want basis via the Paypal button below. But the most important contribution is your valuable feedback. I am not sure if I should work on new projects or continue to dive deeper into the Urban Creature world with new scenarios and new creatures. It really depends on your contributions to lead my way.

As so-called serious gamer I believe in the educational value of “games with a meaning”. Especially wargames belong into this category. As wargamers we are dealing with the most horrible actions of mankind in history. It is true that we are playing wargames for fun. But there is also a kind of social function in it: Firstly, to ensure that certain historical events are not forgotten. Secondly, to get a better picture how war looks like and thirdly, to get an idea about various roots of conflict, even in a very abstract way. That is one of the reasons why I also would like to connect my activities with charity purposes.
A friend of mine leads a small NGO – – which runs humanitarian projects in Myanmar, Ethiopia, India and Bangladesh. 50 % of all donations will be donated to this NGO. I like to support this NGO since there I know where all the donations are invested. As small NGO they are able to generate a much higher impact in the field.
Let’s jump back to fiction. Now it is time to save the world. Jump in your flight suit, start the engines and unlock your weapon systems. I wish you an amazing gaming experience with the first “Table Movie” by Tablewood Studios: Urban Creatures.

Wing Commander Robert J. Fritz


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