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Hind Commander reinforcements!

So silent before the storm… I work really hard to finish Shadows in the Void ruleset and prepare the first wave of minis, but I have found some time to focus on Hind Commander. I added few more cool 1/600 Oddział Ósmy miniature sets which are attractive both for new and veteran players, with focus on French-produced vehicles.

French Helicopter Pack 1

The new sets are as follows:

  • HCC9 French Helicopter pack 1 (Tigre, Gazelle, Puma)
  • HCC7B Soviet Russian Strike Pack 1  (updated: 4xMi-24P, 4xMi-28, 4xKa-50)
  • HCU14 French Armour pack 1 (5xLeclerc MBTs, 5xAXM-30 MBTs, 5xVBCI)
  • HCU15 French Ground pack 1 (5xAML-60,5xAML-90, 5xBerliet GBC)
  • HCJ4 Soviet Infantry II
  • HCJ5 CW Nato/Universal Infantry
  • HCE1 Hind D (4 pcs.) / special place for our main hero!
  • HCE2 Rooivalk (4 pcs.)
  • HCE3 Rafale M (2 pcs.)
  • HCE4 IA-58 Pucara (2 pcs.)
  • Various tree terrain sets

All these fine items and many more can be found in Assault Publishing on-line store!

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