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New Hind Commander miniature sets

Here they come! Finally the new Hind Commander miniature sets in 1/600 scale are in Assault Publishing on-line store. They are smaller, more flexible and allow you to compose your Strike group in a more individual way. They are also a very good way of expanding existing Hind Commander collections, as the models come from the same producer (Oddział Ósmy), but the new range brings new possibilities and options.

Logo Hind Commander

The models are grouped into 4 main categories:

HCC (26 PLN/set) category groups the stars of the whole show – the helicopters. Most sets consist of 12 helicopters (but there are some exceptions) always in 3 types. For example Soviet/Russian strike set 1 (coded HCC7) consists of 4xMi-24s, 4xMi-28s and 4xKa-50s.
HCU (14 PLN/set) category covers the ground vehicles or artillery pieces and always consists of 9 vehicles/artillery pieces in 3 types.
In HCH (15 PLN/set) category you can find the airplanes: always 6 in 3 types (2 planes per type).
Finally HCJ (14,50 PLN/set) category covers all special models, such as infantry sets or complete SA-2 systems.

The full list of the sets (28 at the beginning) is below:

HCC category

US Strike pack 1 (4xAH-64, 4xAH-1Z, 4xOH-58D)
US Strike pack 2 (4xAH-64, 4xAH-1W, 4xMD-500)
US Strike pack 3 (4xAH-1G, 4xUH-1 Huey Hog, 4xHuey Heavy Frog)
US Recon pack 1 (4xOH-6A, 4xOH-58A, 4xMQ-1)
US Transport pack 1  (4xUH-1Y, 4xUH-1N, 4xUH60A)
US Transport pack 2  (3xCH-47, 2xCH-53, 3xCH-46D)
Soviet/Russian Strike pack 1 (4xMi-24, 4xMi-28, 4xKa-50)
Soviet/Russian Transport pack 1 (4xMi-8, 4xMi-17, 1xMi-26)

HCH category

US Airplane pack 1 (2xF-15, 2xF-18, 2xF-16)
US Airplane pack 2 (2xF-117A, 2xA-10, 2xF-4E)
Soviet/Russian Airplane pack 1  (2xMiG-29, 2xSu-27, 2xMiG-23)
Soviet/Russian Airplane pack 2 (2xSu-25, 2xMiG-27, 2xSu-17)

HCU category

US Armour pack 1 (3xM60, 3xM113, 3xM551)
US Armour pack 2 (3xM1A2, 3xM2A2, 3xCougar 4×4)
US Ground pack 1 (3xLAV-25, 3xStryker, 3xHMMWV)
US Ground pack 2 (3xHEEMT, 3xM35, 3xLMTV)
US Artillery pack 1 (3xM110, 3xMLRS, 3xM106)
US AA pack 1 (3xChapparal, 3xAvenger, 3xM163)
Soviet/Russian Armour pack 1 (3xT-72, 3xT-62, 3xBMP-1)
Soviet/Russian Armour pack 2 (3xT-90, 3xT-80BV, 3xT-BMP-3)
Soviet/Russian Ground pack 1 (3xMT-LB, 3xBTR-80, 3xBRM)
Soviet/Russian Ground pack 2 (3xGAZ-69, 3xGAZ-66, 3xUral 375D)
Soviet/Russian Artillery pack 1 (3xBM-27, 3xD-30, 3x2S19)
Soviet/Russian AA pack 1 (3xZSU-23-4, 3x2S6, 3xZSU-23-2)
Soviet/Russian AA pack 2 (3xSA-9, 3xZSU-57-2, 3xSA-8)

HCJ category

US Infantry (15 stands)
Soviet/Russian SA-2 (compete set)
Soviet/Russian Infantry (15 stands)

As you can see we start with US and Soviet/Russian forces, but it is planned to add more sets in the near future so you can expect miniatures for other armies.

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