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Modular bases preview

If you follow our FB page, you probably know about our latest project… In a few weeks Assault Publishing will release new SF modular base system designed for 15/20mm scale gaming. The system will be fully modular, expandable, and will allow players to build two-level bases.

The test of the whole system

It is designed to be fully customizable by the customer: at the beginning you will be able to select 3 different wall styles (simple, technical and neo-gothic), 3 internal supports and 3 bulkhead. Additional patterns are planned to be designed in the future. The parts are exchangeable with each other, so it is possible to mix different walls/supports/bulkheads even within one module.


X-section in ‘simple’ style The internal walls are planned to be changed a little. The plexi-made ‘lamps’ are planned to be the option.


9″ corridor in “neo-gothic” style


L-section in ‘technical’ style


9″ ‘neo-gothic’ corridor

Please note that the photos show prototypes and final modules may look a little different.

Follow Assault Publishing Facebook page to stay tuned!

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