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09Nov 18

Blog [CS] – Introduction

As part of the shake up here at the Assault bunker, we thought that it would be interesting for each of us to post a regular short blog piece. Partly this is because rules writing can be a pretty dull activity, and – especially in the initial stages – a lot of the process happens behind closed doors, but we wanted to involve people at all stages of the process if possible. It’s also a chance for those of us a bit more behind the scenes to poke our heads above the defences at the bunker and wave. And I am sure that its just a coincidence that I need to follow a blog post from the boss where he just got back from a weekend playing games and had a load of pictures to publish….. Yep… Just a coincidence……

I wanted to use this first post to talk a bit about me, where I fit in the studio and generally what I am working on. I will be your Friday host on the blogs, and in future posts I hope to look a bit at the design process, the various challenges in rules writing, and shine a spotlight on a few concepts and mechanics, both in games that I am working on but also some mechanics in other published games that I think deserve some recognition. One thing that I will say right from the start is that I am certainly no expert, and at no point do I ever want to come across as one. There are no real qualifications when it comes to this, and we all have our own ideas and biases.

I have been involved in Assault Publishing in one way or another from pretty early on. Marcin and I met through our shared love of Games Workshops Battlefleet Gothic game, and when he needed someone to help check his various rules and documents he asked me to take a look at them. Since then, I have been involved in most games from Hind Commander to Shadows in the Void, although primarily as a proof reader, through rules discussions or in a world building capacity. Before this, I also worked with Dark Realm Miniatures and I have been quite active in the 6mm scene and in particular for Games Workshops Epic/Space Marine/Adeptus Titanicus game series. Apart from games for Assault (which I will talk more about next week) I have been thinking about my gaming recently and changing my focus. I had a habit in the past of getting carried along by whatever was popular here in Singapore, but my very slow rate of painting meant that I was always behind and by the time I was ready to play, the gaming focus had shifted to the next game. So I am starting to just focus more on the games that I want to play. Skirmish games are very popular here, in particular the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game and Bushido, along with This Is Not A Test and Kill Team. I am building a Tyranid army for 40K and looking to restart my Epic gaming with two (or more) new armies shortly.

I have two main games in the works for Assault – Dark Portents and Depth Charged. Depth Charged is a game that I have been working on for several years, and is a post apocalyptic/near future submarine warfare game. This is currently on a back burner to allow me to focus more on Dark Portents, which will be a mass combat (at 28mm or 15mm scale) fantasy battle game, with its roots in ancient battles and ‘realism’, and with a focus on units of troops where heroes and wizards are more about supporting the army than winning the fight alone. I will go into a bit more detail next week. In the meantime, if you have comments, feedback or questions, we would be happy to hear from you.

See you in 7!

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05Nov 18

Blog [MKG] – From Sweden with Love!

So, as you probably guess, we decided to start blogging. Designing the rulesets is fine, but it’s not everything in the hobby – it’s just a part of big adventure! Today it’s my turn. 🙂

Two weeks ago we (me and Marcin from Green Miniatures) visited our friends in Sweden, there we participated in the First International PMC 2640 Tournament which took place in Jönköping, Sweden.

After arrival on Friday afternoon (yap, the trip was rather long and tiring) we visited the local club and went with Gabriel and Joel to pub to eat something and enjoy some local and not-very-local spirits and beverages. The true game Of course, because of rather niche 15mm genre the event was rather friendly meeting than true sport competition. We in the first day we managed to play 2 battles on 3 tables and introduce new players to the game and in second day we played huge PMC 2640 3 vs 3 Slam battle (Slam is variant for huge multiplayer battle developed by local club). Unfortunately on Sunday evening we had to leave to get into Stockholm as the airport is a bit further as it seems to be on map…

Anyway, single picture can be worth million of words, so please look at some cool photos we made.

At the event weekend we discussed as lot of things about PMC 2640 and I’m still impressed with “2640 magic”… But this is subject for next week… Also on idea was born but….



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23Sep 18

Shadows in the Void for free!

As announced on Assault Publishing Studio FB profile, today I have a birthday today and I have a special gift for you! 🙂

It’s about 1000 hours of work within more than two years, huge investment of resources and a band of fine people, who contributed their talents to the project. It is the last game I had published before I decided to go out the wargaming business and turned Assault Publishing into non-commercial studio. Probably you guessed right – Shadows in the Void! Yes, you can download the complete version of the rulebook and enjoy it with the friends!
If you like it you can also buy a paper version from PicoArmor or from me directly (it includes all colour counter printed) as there are some stocks left. PicoArmor and me stock also fine dedicated 3mm miniatures in really good prices and I encourage to look at it!

Get your free pdf copy by clicking here!

Shadows in the Void is a unique spacefighter combat miniature wargame based on highly modified core rules of Hind Commander (mainly simplified and streamlined) and inspired by classic ancient Chinese military treatise The Art of War. Unlike most games within the genre, Shadows in the Void focuses on stealth, electronic warfare, and the interactions between spacecraft in your squadron. It certainly is not a “Red Baron in space” ruleset – you won’t see many dogfights during the battles. Why would advanced war machines of the far future use tactics which became obsolete in mid-20th century? Of course, they look very appealing on screen, but not necessarily on the gaming table.

Although the games core rules are based on Hind Commander, we put a lot of effort to avoid making Shadows in the Void “helicopters in space”. Numerous rules were redesigned or written from scratch to better fit the theme of the game, as we wanted to make it more dynamic and engaging.

Assault Publishing Studio works non-commercially and all incomes from patronage are used for paying Studio costs and developing our rulesets to release them for free for wargamers.
Visit our Patreon page ( and become Assault Publishing Studio patron to support us!

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16Sep 18

Superheavy tank and Jacinta Strike spacefighter in 1/600 scale

I prepared the reward for Premium supporters of Assault Publishing Studio in shape of two wargaming models in 1/600 as stl files for 3D printing.

The first is Jacinta Strike space fighter (3mm- 1/600 scale) from Shadows in the Void range. The rules of this model are at the end of SitV rulebook as the example of custom-built ship. I plan to continue the range as stl files (you can buy metal models from me or from Pico Armor) and with little luck I will be able to publish new model every month.

The second is of superheavy tank inspired by one the ’90 classics. 😉 I would like to make small “Eagle & Scorpion” range which can supplement O8 moderns in representing GDI/NOD struggle on your tabletop. Flame tanks anyone?

All incomes from patronage are used for paying Studio costs and developing our rulesets to release them for free for wargamers. Visit our Patreon page and become Assault Publishing Studio patron to support us!

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31Oct 20

Dark Portents – Sneak Peek

Gustav glanced left and right, eyes sweeping along the front rank of his unit, and his spirit soared. He felt invincible. In the distance, the Orc horde massed, but he…

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23Sep 20

Donnager class not included

As announced a month ago, today (at my levelling day :)), we have nice Stars and Steel update! First of all: core rules were updated to version 1.1. Based on…

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