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08Aug 18

Glorious Lands ver. 1.1

Today I released version 1.1 of Glorious Lands fantasy ruleset. The update is based on the feedback I received from players in last few weeks and includes minor rules changes (check especially spears rules), rebalance of a few army lists and some layout improvements (tables look less scary). I also added do-on-your-own cards in odt and doc files, so you can prepare your army quicker.

I do not plan to make the updates in near future so you can print the game without risk 🙂


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11Jul 18
We Are Back!

We are back!

Few creatures in the Solar system are more stubborn than wargame designers. When something goes wrong, get up, shake off the dust, raise the flag, rally your friends, and try again! Assault Publishing was closed two months ago, but I decided to continue designing rules non-commercially. Out of the company’s ashes comes the Assault Publishing Studio, which will support my games and release new projects as free or inexpensive PDFs. But this time I’m not alone! I decided that the Studio will be a creative environment allowing its members to develop their own projects with each other’s support, a shared website and similar helpful aids. I’m very glad that Iain “Cybershadow” Werry (wargame designer and living legend of Epic 40k and BFG) and Maciej “Xardas” DrÄ…ĹĽkiewicz (first designer and co-author of one of Polish rulesets) joined this initiative. We will happily welcome new Studio members and cooperate with friendly companies to jointly create cool projects.

Assault Publishing Studio is financed through patronage ( The collected money will be spent on the website server, marketing, expenses connected to rules development (illustrations, proof-reading) and – if the enterprise flourishes – convention stands or demo games! Sponsoring members will get some humble privileges (e.g. access to beta versions) or exclusive content as thank you gifts, but I don’t want to turn the Studio into a business.

I do not like to be vain, so to kick off Assault Publishing Studio we release “Glorious Lands” – a classic fantasy ruleset designed for 15-32mm miniatures and based on heavily modified Heroic Ballads rules. Feel free to download the rulebook and enjoy the game!


Marcin Gerkowicz

Assault Publishing Studio

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31Oct 20

Dark Portents – Sneak Peek

Gustav glanced left and right, eyes sweeping along the front rank of his unit, and his spirit soared. He felt invincible. In the distance, the Orc horde massed, but he…

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23Sep 20

Donnager class not included

As announced a month ago, today (at my levelling day :)), we have nice Stars and Steel update! First of all: core rules were updated to version 1.1. Based on…

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