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28Apr 19

Ambush – PMC 2670 solitaire scenario playtest

Two weeks ago I played new Ambush scenario from incoming PMC 2670 rulebook and tested improved OpFor algorithm. Solitaire rules were very important part of PMC 2640 and in second edition (2670) they will be pushed forward even more. Previously you could only play as mercenaries against rebels or space bugs which were dedicated armies for this section. In new game both Rebel and Bugs became complete, playable factions which required complete revising of the rules and scenarios to make them more universal and flexible without overcomplicated exceptions.


In Ambush scenario player forces attacks marching OpFor column and the objective is to kill as many enemy units as possible in just a few turns. It is not typical PMC scenario as from the beginning the deadly, short-range firefight takes place and the battle can be  – and should be – solved very quickly.

For this playtest I composed both armies in similar, balanced and even a little conservative way

Rebel army, Priority I, Tier III, “Commando” composition (my forces):

  1. Insurgent leaders
  2. Organised insurgents
  3. Light autocannon team
  4. AT weapon squad
  5. Rebel tank (Captured combat vehicle)

Mercenary forces Priority I, Tier III, standard composition (OpFor):

  1. Regular infantry
  2. Regular infantry
  3. Assault Troops
  4. LMG team
  5. AT team
  6. Light tank (Light combat vehicle)


Turn I

Action phase

The beginning can be considered as succesful! Although my AT unit fails to knock-down the light tank and causes only minor damage, enemy LMG and Regular infantry are into deadly cross-fire, suffer serious losses, get morale break and rout in panic!

Note: Insurgent leaders and Organized insurgents advance to positions providing cover.

Turn I - action phase

OpFor phase

But the mercs also start to act really effective! Rebel AT squad breaks after deadly fire from Regular infantry squad leaving two killed men behind. Rebel leaders become suppressed by return fire and finally AT squad caused significant damage to the Rebel tank.

Turn I - OpFor phase

Turn II

Action phase

Concentrated fire from Rebel tank and Autocannon team kills one soldier from AT team and but the rest of this unit stand firm and keep fighting! Organized insurgents and Leaders shoot to Assault unit which results in one casualty and keeping unit suppressed.

Turn II - action phase

OpFor phase

Merc’s fire kills one rebel from Autocannon squad and forces rest of this unit to retreat.

Turn II - OpFor phase


Turn III

Action phase

After initial success Rebel momentum gets weaker. All units concentrate fire on Assault infantry, but results are far from predicted and the unit is still only suppressed.

Turn III - action phase

OpFor phase

Using height advantage the Light tank shoots to Rebel Leaders, but fortunately fire is rather ineffective and even fails to suppress unit. Rifle infantry squad assaults Rebel tank, but fails to do any damage and after short combat fall back. After OpFor phase fleeing AT unit finally stops to retreat, but Autocannon team escapes from the battlefield!

Turn III - OpFor phase

Turn IV

Action phase

Rebels concentrate fire on Assault Squad killing next soldier, but the unit is still not broken! Tought bastards!

Turn IV - action phase

OpFor phase

From its advantageous uphill position, the light tank opens deadly fire at a freshly regrouped Rebel AT unit with devastating results. Merc AT squad places perfect rocket hit at Rebel tank blowing it into the pieces! The battle is over and my decimated and broken Rebels suffer humiliating defeat!

Turn IV - OpFor phase

Turn IV - OpFor phase



First of all – the scenario is not easy and that’s great! The new algorithm works fine. Although it requires more fair-play approach from player, it minimizes chance for total nonsense actions and allows OpFor to win even without crushing advantage.

From tactical point of view I think I should play more aggressively and use hit-soaking abilities of Insurgent infantry (combined with boost from Leaders), try to minimize the distance to get maximum Firepower  (by cost of a few soldiers probably…). Maybe next time…

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02Apr 19

PMC 2670

Nearly 6 years ago, we have boldly released PMC 2640, which successfully found its place on crowded 15mm sci-fi wargames market. Now, it’s high time to leap forward!

In the last few months, we have worked hard on PMC 2670, which is much more than just a new edition of the game! As you can probably guess, the action takes place 30 years later in the same dirty, gloomy PMC-verse – but it’s also indirectly connected to Shadows in the Void, which takes place much later in the same timeline. The story was moved forward: humanity developed new technologies and improved older ones, encountered an alien threat (or rather the aliens encountered a human threat…) and made the galaxy an even more turbulent place.

So, what are the gameplay changes?

There is no revolution in the core mechanics, as better is often the enemy of good… Still, the basic rules were polished and perfected, making the game even faster, more flexible and more uncompromising – but it’s still the old, fine PMC! Special rules were revisited and all known question-causing or unclear elements were re-edited.

But the main advantage of the 2670 edition are the added extras! Now you can lead not only merc forces, but also space bugs and rebels, which became fully playable factions. What is more, there is a fourth faction – the aforementioned aliens!

Forces of your PMCs were bolstered with lots of additional unit entries, offering many new tactics and army compositions. We listened to the players and added a lot of elements they asked for (e.g. power armours, medics, drop pods, and many exotic sci-fi troops). Existing units were carefully examined and rebalanced to adjust them to the new lists. But don’t worry, if you already have a collection of minis for PMC 2640, it will be fully playable in PMC 2670 – you’ll simply get even more possibilities! We see no point in making existing armies useless or weaker – we’re players ourselves and know how irritating this can be!

In addition to new armies and PMC units, we have updated the scenarios based on the experience from previous years – but no major changes in this chapter.

Anything else?

Of course! All factions received their own campaign rules, allowing for even more interesting club gaming! Campaign is as important, as it was aspect of the ruleset. Whether you wish to create your own PMC, start a revolt, make bugs the dominant species on the planet or conquer new territories for your Xenotripod tribe, you will have the means to do it. Campaigns became even more challenging thanks to improvements such as quicker progress at the beginning and reduced snowball effect.


The whole solitaire/coop section was redone. Thanks to universal scenarios you can use any force against any other force on any tier. Additionally, the Special Commando composition allows you to start playing with just a few finished minis – perfect for people who like to collect different armies without expanding them too much.

Maybe it’s enough?

Not for us! In the PMC 2670 rulebook you will find three additional chapters with optional rules: the first one contains improved optional rules from PMC 2640, the second covers underground combat, and the third lets you battle in different environments (with unusual atmospheres, low/high gravity, anomalies, etc.).

And how much does it cost?

As much as you want – even if it’s nothing! Assault Publishing went non-commercial a year ago and we want the game to reach as many players as possible, so we decided to release it as free a PDF. Nevertheless, things like professional editing, illustrations and composition aren’t free, and we would like to offer our contributors fair payment. Without revenue from the sale of miniatures, we don’t have any funds to support game development, so we plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign within a few weeks to cover the necessary expenses at least partially, making PMC 2670 a community-founded project.


If you like PMC 2640, you’ll surely love PMC 2670! If you haven’t tried it yet, now you’ll have the perfect occasion! At the moment, core mechanics are completed, and closed tests are under way. Stay tuned for updates!

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24Jul 19

Second PMC 2670 battle report

A week ago I played test solitaire (again!) battle in PMC 2670. These time I wanted to try not only the new, improved OpFor algoritm, but also MyMiniReport app installed…

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20Jul 19

PMC 2670 concept arts

We are very happy to show the concept illustrations for PMC 2670 rulebook which were made by 0ctavian!PMC 2670 is non-commerial project of Assault Publishing Studio and we kindly ask…

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