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Patronage changes

As I wrote on Friday, Assault Publishing patronage system needed some changes. Unfortunately I cannot provide monthly benefits for our Patrons and I’m really sorry if you feel disappointed. The rules writting is time and energy consuming and making extra items would distract us from developing the miniature wargame rules which is and, in my opinion, should be, Assault Publishing Studio primary activity.

Starting from new year I wish the collecting founds to be more project-focused. It’s not the secret how much money we get every month (you can check it at our Patreon page:, but I would like to inform you how we are spending them and on which goal/project we are collecting at the moment.

From today there are 3 Patreon Tiers on our Patreon profile: 2$ and 4$ for private Patrons and they are just the suggested quotes how you can support the Studio (but you can choose any other amount of money if you wish). There is special 7$ “corporate” level, which provide your the banner on Assault Publishing webpage.

We wish all the best in 2019,


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