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PMC 2640 Cannon Fodder special starters

Today I’d like to announce an uncommon product: ‘Cannon Fodder’ PMC 2640 starters. They are intended as special gift sets for wargamers and are far from typical, hackneyed X-Mas “we’re going to clear our stock at the end of the year by giving a few percent discount” offers.


All packs include a basic PMC 2640 army and a code allowing you to download the PMC 2640 e-book (alternatively, it might be used to get a discount on the printed version or the printed/pdf bundle). But one thing makes them really differ from other similar products: all sets are packed in real metal cans with specially designed labels, which gives them a really extraordinary appearance!

As a rather uncommon product, they are planned to be prepared only occasionally in very limited amounts. If you are looking for a really original gift for your friend or yourself which would merge a fine ruleset, a nice starting army, and superb packaging, consider the Cannon Fodder packs! But better hurry, as there only a few cans were prepared!

You can get the Cannon Fodder cans only in the Assault Publishing on-line store!

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