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“New project” discount!

It’s not secret that I’m working hard on the newest project – Shadows in the Void space combat wargame. Because of big logistic challenge of developing new miniature range I would like to clear some current stocks. The handling and stocking too many miniatures start to be problematic at this moment as I would like to focus on the ruleset and minis development. Of course it’s not the surprise that on this moment every penny counts and make the premiere date closer or increase the variety of SitV miniatures.

SF Combat Engineers


In August you can get all 15mm SF minis and Hind Commander sets in Assault Publishing online store with 20% of discount if you order them for 50 EUR or more. To get the discount simple use SHADOWS code at check-out. The benefits are mutual: you can get fine miniatures in great price and I can clear some stocks and gain founds for new cool miniature range! 🙂

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