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Although there is no dedicated miniature range for PMC 2640, it’s not a secret that the game was created in loose cooperation with Odział Ósmy. Their 15mm range (available in Assault Publishing store and in a few other good stores worldwide) is very well complementing the rules, and on the other side, the rules are very well suited for the range.

In PMC 2640 the RCL (Recognizable, Cool-Looking) rule replaces the typical WYSIWYG. As long as the unit’s type is easily Recognizable, you may create your squads by mixing whatever miniatures you want to make your army as Cool-Looking as possible. Typical squad size varies from 2 to 8 models and there are no obstacles to compose them from a number of different sets.

Below are some suggestions how the O8 15mm range may be used in the game. Please note that these are guidelines rather than “official instructions”.

NVL Troopers and NVL Troopers II

A “must have” in the army, Troopers and Troopers II form fine Rifle Infantry or Assault Squads. These miniatures can also be added to nearly all other squads to add variety or bring the team up to the required number of models.


These cool, Aliens-inspired miniatures obviously make great Machine Gun squads and teams. But they may be used to complete other squads or make Rifle and Assault troops more diverse.

NVL Heavy Rifles

Heavy rifles are fairy universal miniatures, which can be used either as fillers in other squads or as  sharpshooters.


NCOs in fact may be used as leaders of nearly all teams, except a few more unusual ones.

NVL Specialists

Specialist can form cool looking engineer and EW squads, become part of HQ squads, complete other units or act as leaders.

NVL Characters

Natural choice for HQ squads and team leaders. Additionally, some of the miniatures can complement other units, especially engineers and elite infantry.


Long Range Recon Patrol may be used either as recon troops or elite infantry units such as Rangers.


LAWs may either form Rocket Armed Troops or make engineers or assault squads look more dangerous!


Unsurprisingly, MANPADs are the best miniatures to represent anti-aircraft teams.

NVL Mortars

Mortars. Any questions?


ATGMs may be used to create Missile troops, but the spotters are perfect to act as part of Recon troops – or maybe even their leaders.

NVL Snipers

Snipers may be used to make Snipers teams, Sharpshooters or parts of higher-tier Recon troops.

NVL Scouts

NVL Scouts is another set of specialised miniatures. They can be used to represent any Recon troops or Sharpshooters.


These minis are perfect to represent Heavy machine gun squads and teams.

NVL Railguns

Railguns are best to represent Railguns. With one set of these and two more miniatures from some other set, you can field two Railgun teams.


One of the coolest fillers you may add to you troops. War corespondents/PR team members can add variety to any bigger team, and if you do not overdo with their numbers, they will be real pearls in your collection.

Insurgents/Insurgents2/Insurgents LMG/Insurgents RPGs/Insurgents – Leaders

Insurgent units are normally used in solitaire/cooperative games as opposing forces, but you may also use them as low-tier mercenary troops such as Free Companies, Penal Troops or Light Infantry.

Spaceworms I/II

Spaceworms may be used as Space Bugs units in solitaire/cooperative battles.

All these models can be purchased from the Assault Publishing store.

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