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Miniature wargame publisher and founding member of Confederated Wargame Creators of Poland

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12.IV.2015 Review on “Delta Vector” blog

31.X.2013 Quick review of miniature from APCR range on “Wargames and Walking”

31.VIII.2013 – Review on “Kealios’ Wargaming Central”

27.VII.2013 – Review on “The Node”, part 3, campaign and solo play (in Polish)

July 2013, Miniature Wargames with Battlegames issue 364 / Meeples & Miniatures

13.VII.2013 – Wargaming from Armchair blog – “PMC 2640 Science Fiction rules first look”

11.VII.2013 – Review on “The Node”, part 2, Basic rules (in Polish)

21.VI.2013 – Review on “The Node”, part 1, Rulebook review (in Polish)

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