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PMC 2670 crowdfunding campaign finished!

Today I closed PMC 2670 crowdfunding campaign. Thank you for your support!

We gathered ~691 EUR (in different currencies) – maybe it’s not a pile of money but for me it’s enough to make totally butt-kicking miniature ruleset! Also Assault Publishing Studio got a nice pile of donations which came to us from tips on Stars and Steel wargame and miniatures, so we close the budget. Unfortunately last year COVID-19 situation caused some delays as many of people involved had they long-term plans ruined. Also in 2020 playtesting was really hard or even impossible for many of us.

PMC 2670 cover illustration


Now I wait for final pieces of the fluff section proof-read (rules are finished) and I’m going to agree final artworks. Next few months will be full of hard work, but I’m going to release the game as soon as possible.

Hold the fingers crossed for PMC 2670 success, stay healthy and thank you again for your support!

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