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PMC 2670 – project progress report

I haven’t reported you the PMC 2670 project progress from long time… I’m not going to tell you a long story about simple things, so in short we grind forward. My proofreader promised me finish correction at the end of March or beginning of April and I hope that there will be no delays this time. As I wrote you before, the rules are completed and now they need is good grammar check.

I also ordered the illustrations, but unfortunately the works go painfully slow – at least for me. My old good friend Marcin Z. deals with the this aspect of the rulebook and contacts with the artists. This saves me a lot of frustrations as, telling the truth, the patience was never my virtue…

Once I got corrected text I will make the final layout and place all illustrations I’ve got and we will order the final bath of the pictures depending on the donation/crowdfunding campaing result. At his moment Assault Publishing Studio gained 545,29 EUR, in a few currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, PLN) and we are going to spend this money only for proof-reading and illustrations.

In the meantime we are not wasting time: the playtests go well, so the game should be at least as balanced as the first edition. It is much more difficult task, because PMC 2670 consisits of four army lists instead of one.

Also within short time I will show side project of me and Iain, so stay tuned!



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