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Shadows in the Void for free!

As announced on Assault Publishing Studio FB profile, today I have a birthday today and I have a special gift for you! 🙂

It’s about 1000 hours of work within more than two years, huge investment of resources and a band of fine people, who contributed their talents to the project. It is the last game I had published before I decided to go out the wargaming business and turned Assault Publishing into non-commercial studio. Probably you guessed right – Shadows in the Void! Yes, you can download the complete version of the rulebook and enjoy it with the friends!
If you like it you can also buy a paper version from PicoArmor or from me directly (it includes all colour counter printed) as there are some stocks left. PicoArmor and me stock also fine dedicated 3mm miniatures in really good prices and I encourage to look at it!

Get your free pdf copy by clicking here!

Shadows in the Void is a unique spacefighter combat miniature wargame based on highly modified core rules of Hind Commander (mainly simplified and streamlined) and inspired by classic ancient Chinese military treatise The Art of War. Unlike most games within the genre, Shadows in the Void focuses on stealth, electronic warfare, and the interactions between spacecraft in your squadron. It certainly is not a “Red Baron in space” ruleset – you won’t see many dogfights during the battles. Why would advanced war machines of the far future use tactics which became obsolete in mid-20th century? Of course, they look very appealing on screen, but not necessarily on the gaming table.

Although the games core rules are based on Hind Commander, we put a lot of effort to avoid making Shadows in the Void “helicopters in space”. Numerous rules were redesigned or written from scratch to better fit the theme of the game, as we wanted to make it more dynamic and engaging.

Assault Publishing Studio works non-commercially and all incomes from patronage are used for paying Studio costs and developing our rulesets to release them for free for wargamers.
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