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“Shadows in the Void” – the first ruleset details

More than 3 years have passed since the last Assault Publishing rulebook and it’s high time to reveal the next project that we are working on!

Shadows in the Void is a unique spacefighter combat miniature wargame which is based on the – highly modified (mainly simplified and streamlined) – mechanics of Hind Commander. Unlike most games within the genre, Shadows in the Void is focused on stealth, electronic warfare, keeping hidden and the interaction between spacecraft in a squadron, so this is certainly not “yet another Red Baron in space” ruleset… In fact, it is far beyond a classic dogfight. Why should advanced warmachines of the far future use tactics which were obsolete even by the 20th Century? Of course, it is beloved by film makers, because it allows them to make their movies spectacular, but on closer look it is a bit senseless.

SitV gameplay photo

Overwhelmed Esh-Aven fighters seek for cover in asteroid field.

In Shadows in the Void, combat takes place at huge distances and at huge speeds, and quite often the detection and locking on of targets is the most important aspect of combat – exactly like in Hind Commander. The average 100cm x 100cm game table covers about 2.400.000.000 square kilometers in deep space. The game covers a 3d environment quite successfully, by adopting the best practices of aerial wargames.  In this case the distances are a little closer, as we consider that the atmosphere and gravity limits affect the top speeds and weapon ranges significantly.

SitV gameplay photo 2

“Nora” fighter comes to protect the damaged “Melissa” transport craft.

The ruleset covers both missions in deep space and above a planets surface. On the other side, we put a lot of effort into making SitV not simply ‘copters in space’, so a huge number of rules were redesigned or written from scratch to better fit the theme of the game, as we wanted to make it more dynamic and really adrenaline pumping.

Jacinta Mk. scout marks the target for the rest of the group.

Jacinta Mk. scout marks the target for the rest of the squadron.

This time the action takes place at the dangerous fringes, where the interests of many different alien races collide. The rulebook includes 5 core races completely different in style and doctrine, and this time the game will have a dedicated miniature range. At the release date we plan to cover completely two races with full model ranges, and the remaining races are planned to be released gradually in later waves. The game scale of choice is 3mm and the Shadows in the Void range is designed to be compatible and complementary with Odział Ósmy PSF 1/600 Sci-Fi range.

Esh-aven squadron

Clan squadron of Esh-Aven Protectorate

The wing of Confederated Outer Colonies fleet


Stay tuned and follow Assault Publishing Facebook page for more details and sneak-peaks of the models!

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