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Shadows in the Void is not only the rules, but also the range of fine 3mm (1/600) miniatures designed by Assault Publishing and manufactured by Oddział Ósmy – the true masters of picoscale.

SitV miniatures are produced in rather short series as we want to perfect them all time and make new releases quite often. The goal is to make the range “live” with old variants of existing models be replaced by new once gradually and completely new spacecraft be added both to the rules and miniature offer.

Please note that “Shadows…” miniatures (coded as APSF-xxxx) are both compatible and complementary with PSF-6xx range from Oddział Ósmy.

Below you can see all models from SitV range including limited ones. The colour of the in the frame indicates the current model status:

  • green frame – in the offer,
  • orange frame – still in the offer but are planned to be discontinued,
  • red frame – not in the offer any more,
  • purple frame – limited/gift models
  • cyan frame – released soon

Confederated Outer Colonies

Confederacy spacecraft are conventionally built in a little retro style. This range also consists some ground defences, satellites and soft targets.

Esh-Aven Protectorate

Esh-Aven craft are based on triangles and central symmetry. In this range you can also find a few nice defences and armoured vehicles maching the style of spacecraft.

Terran Post-human Empire [planned release – autumn 2017]

Comparing to other races Terrans craft are quite compact which is linked with their advanced technology. Sometimes they are even two-time smaller than comparable spacecraft of other races. TPE doctrine is based around command fighters marking targets for other craft. As the result all fighters have their command variant with second seat for commander and differ in many small details from the base craft.

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