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Superheavy tank and Jacinta Strike spacefighter in 1/600 scale

I prepared the reward for Premium supporters of Assault Publishing Studio in shape of two wargaming models in 1/600 as stl files for 3D printing.

The first is Jacinta Strike space fighter (3mm- 1/600 scale) from Shadows in the Void range. The rules of this model are at the end of SitV rulebook as the example of custom-built ship. I plan to continue the range as stl files (you can buy metal models from me or from Pico Armor) and with little luck I will be able to publish new model every month.

The second is of superheavy tank inspired by one the ’90 classics. 😉 I would like to make small “Eagle & Scorpion” range which can supplement O8 moderns in representing GDI/NOD struggle on your tabletop. Flame tanks anyone?

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