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Van Esterich Protectors – Stars and Steel mercenary squadron

Today we are releasing the next mercenary squadron for Stars and Steel wargame – Van Esterich Protectors with models designed by Igor Plesko.

In the near future I plan to expand the range of mercenary squadrons (next one is planned within the week), as they have some nice features from game point of view. On one side Stars and Steels is the game focused on simplifity and quick battles but on the another named characters, unique ships classes and some special rules can be really cool and add a lot of flavour to the game. To make long story short: initially I had planned to release the module with additional 12 ships classes and another one with unique commanders, but in practice it became clear that it’s nearly impossible without completely ruining the balance and turning the S’n’S into nasty combo competition. The named mercenary squadrons are very good option as they are “controlled environment” within the ruleset and allow me and other designers to introduce new cool models, which can be added to any collection without making entire new 12-ships-large fleets from scratch.

Report on the bridge!


The STLs and rules can be downloaded at Assault Publishing Studio section at Wargame Vault.

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